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eCommerce Web Hosting

eCommerce web hosting services help merchants sell products online. They do this by offering built-in shopping cart software with their e-commerce web hosting plans. Find the best ecommerce web host for your website and product.

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Are all web hosting companies e-commerce enabled?

NO! Not all web hosts offer the right services for selling products on the internet. The ones listed on our site have been hand picked by our reviewers for their excellent products specifically designed for merchants. Web hosts do not always build in the shopping carts to their system and they don't all offer shared SSL certificates. This is a huge cost savings - sometimes in the hundreds of dollars per year.

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Why use a host with a dedicated IP address?

A dedicated IP address is required if you want to have your own dedicated SSL certificate. If you're going to use a shared IP address - then you need to make sure the host offers a shared SSL certificate. If they don't...you spend more money. A true eCommerce web hosting company will offer a shared SSL certificate or they may give you a dedicated IP address so you can get your own SSL certificate.  If you choose to buy your own SSL - these can range in cost from about $15/year up to the $500/year range.  A 128-bit SSL should be good for beginners.

Which eCommerce web hosts offer dedicated IPs?

We recommend IX Web Hosting for eCommerce web hosting because they offer a dedicated IP address on their cheap hosting plan which is currently $3.95. Please see our reviews of eCommerce web hosting services to read more about the offerings. All of the hosts can get you a dedicated IP, but some may charge you extra to add it to your account. IX Web Hosting doesn't do this. In fact, their mid-level plan is just a couple dollars more per month than the base and the mid-level includes 3 IPs. It's really a great value.

Do eCommerce web hosting companies give free shopping cart software?

YES! There are many open source shopping cart software systems which have been built by web development communities and they offer them for free. E-Commerce web hosts often include a few of these shopping carts as "plug-ins" to the web hosting plan free of charge! Some of these may include Agora Cart, OS Commerce, Cube Cart, and Zen Cart. Many of the web hosts that offer these are based on the cPanel control panel which is very easy to use.

Final note on eCommerce web hosting:

When you are shopping for a web host - make sure you look at all the features. You never know what you will need. If you want to save money - many offer a web builder so you can get started for very little money. Pay attention to the support documentation online and ask yourself if they offer answers to your questions upfront. Also, make sure you get a host with 24/7 support and a toll-free support line. This can save you a lot of money if you have problems with anything. If you signup for hosting that has no toll-free line and you hit the phones at a peak hour - you could spend some time on the phone...best if it's free! Last, but not least: pay more attention to support and less to price. Most hosts charge $4-6 per month. Test out their hold times and make sure they answer the phone in a timely manner.

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