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Charge.com Review

Charge.com is the one of the top merchant services we have on our site. Read our Charge.com review to find internet merchant account fees, discount rates, and more when you accept credit cards with Charge.com. Compare Charge.com.

Apply Today! Call 1-844-212-7817 Now!!!

Charge.com offers internet merchant accounts and retail merchant services. They are a low cost provider and have years of experience in the industry. They offer cheap merchant equipment - some may be used equipment, but the prices are right! They also offer payment processing equipment where you can do wireless transactions by cell phone. This is a very low cost option for your merchant account.

Charge.com does not charge the following merchant account fees:

  • Application Fee
  • Setup Fees
  • No Annual Fee
  • No Customer Service Charges
  • Free Shopping Cart
  • Free American Express Setup
  • Free Programming
  • Free Shipping and Handling

Charge.com discount rate, transaction fees, monthly statement, etc.

For Internet/Mail/Phone:

  • Discount Rate - 2.25%
  • Transaction Fee - $0.25
  • Statement Fee - $10/month
  • Gateway Fee - $16.95/month

Fees for Retail Merchant Accounts:

  • Discount Rate - 1.79%
  • Transaction Fee - $0.25
  • Statement Fee - $10/month

The Charge.com Review:

Charge.com is one of the best merchant account options for retail customers. The discount rate isn't as cheap as our top pick, but they've been in the business of providing merchant services for so many years they can be trusted. We've also heard that the support is very good. The only drawback was the website isn't really clear on the payment gateway setup charges if any or transaction fees of a payment gateway. This could raise your cost a little per transaction - usually 5-10 cents.

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Accept Credit Cards
  • Low Internet Rate
  • No Setup Fee!!!
  • Price Guarantee
  • Fast Approvals
  • Call 844-212-7817
  • No Contracts!!!

  • 2.25% Internet Rate
  • 1.79% Retail Rate
  • $0.25 Trans. Fee
  • $10/mo. Statement Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • $16.95 Gateway Fee

  • Fast Approvals
  • No Setup Fees
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Annual Fee
  • Free Equipment


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