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Account Setup - Accept Credit Cards Online
Internet Merchant Accounts

Internet merchant accounts enable you to accept credit cards online. Processing payments online is very common and easy to do with an internet merchant account, payment gateway, and shopping cart software. Get an internet merchant account today.

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So you have a domain name, built a website, and now you want to process credit cards online securely. There are a few things you will need to do this and the first thing you'll need is an internet merchant account to accept credit cards.

Some of the best merchant services online will provide you the following:

  • Online reporting
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Low discount rates
  • Shopping cart support
  • No setup fees
  • Free programming (if you have equipment as well)
  • Free merchant support

To accept payments online - you will also need a payment gateway such as Authorize.net. All of the merchant services listed on our site integrate easily with Authorize.net. In fact, FreeAuthNet offers free setup and specializes in integrating with Authorize.net. Merchant Express also offers free payment gateway setup and has a great low rate.

How Internet Merchant Accounts Work:

  1. Customer visits your website and submits a payment through your secure order page or shopping cart.
  2. The merchant website order page or shopping cart sends payment information to the payment gateway.
  3. The payment gateway sends the order information to the merchant account provider select by the merchant.
  4. The merchant account service submits the order to the Credit Card Interchange which acts as a clearinghouse for credit card transactions.
  5. The Credit Card Interchange then processes the transaction through to the customer's credit card issuer.
  6. The customer's credit card issuer then approves or declines the transaction and sends the result back to the Interchange.
  7. The Interchange then communicates that result back to the merchant account service.
  8. The merchant account provider then sends result to the payment gateway.
  9. The payment gateway sends a result to the merchant website on the order page or shopping cart software.
  10. If the result is a success - the funds get transferred by the Interchange through to your bank account.

This entire process may seem overwhelming, but in reality - this payment processing online takes a couple seconds or less. This is how millions of transactions are handled every month on the web.

What does it take to get an internet merchant account?

You will need to fill out an application with your business information. You will need to disclose your business activity to ensure it's legal as well as some personal details of the business owner. This is to ensure there won't be fraudulent transactions. Once you have applied the merchant service will contact you with approval or denial and they will help you setup the payment gateway if you choose to have them help you. You can also signup for payment gateways without their assistance. You will just need to pass the merchant information to the payment gateway company.

How long does it take to get an internet merchant account?

If you have all your information ready and bank information handy - it can take 1-2 business days to get the entire process completed.

How does my site integrate with my merchant account?

If you're experienced with web development - you could do it yourself and code pages. Most people hire a web developer, but there are also shopping cart systems and software that you can just input the information and it'll set it up for you. Your merchant account provider will have a list of good people to help get you up and running. They are there to help you and want you to process payments!

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Accept Credit Cards
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  • $10/mo. Statement Fee
  • No Setup Fee
  • $16.95 Gateway Fee

  • Fast Approvals
  • No Setup Fees
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 24/7 Support
  • No Annual Fee
  • Free Equipment


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